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​Vaping Rises While Cigarette Use Declines

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Cigarettes vs Vaping

The latest news regarding vaping was recently released. Brand new information was released in early September from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) were studying the most recent smoking rates and discovered that the smoking rates are at an all time low. Adult cigarette smoking has dropped to 15.2% for the first quarter of 2015 which is a historic low. The percentage of adult cigarette smokers was at 19.4% in 2010. Researchers estimate that by 2020, the smoking percentage will drop to 12%.

The American Vaping Association (AVA) is on a mission to spread the word about vaping. This new evidence is especially important for public knowledge. Greg Conely, President of the AVA discussed the decline in smoking rates. Conely states “this is great news that is worthy of celebration. Public health benefits every time a smoker quits.” He added “If this decline continues, we stand a chance of actually attaining a 12% smoking rate by 2020.”

The newest research and studies are forecasting that the percentages will continue to decline throughout the upcoming years. There hasn’t been another time in history when cigarette smoking has decreased so rapidly. This continuous decline is possible because of the increase and popularity of vaping. There are apparent changes in both the industry and in the lives of smokers worldwide.

When vaping initially became popular, there were huge misconceptions when it came to health and safety. Some hypothesized that vaping would become a gateway to smoking cigarettes. Vaping actually took the opposite route and proved to be a healthier substitute than cigarettes. Vaping has become the alternate when it comes to traditional smoking methods. The majority of initial vapers were either prior cigarette smokers who transitioned to vaping exclusively or they are smokers who are using vapes as a way to lower their nicotine cravings. Many smokers try to wean their tobacco cravings by switching over to vapes. Since e-liquids come in different nicotine levels you can use the highest nic level and then over time decrease to lower nic levels.

Media coverage has played a major role in the vaping popularity and growth. Tobacco awareness has become a huge topic. Health risks from smoking have been broadcasted immensely recently. Media awareness, health ads and commercials have been perpetuating the negative side effects that can arise from cigarette use. Another contributing factor is the rise of prices and taxes. The increase in federal taxes for cigarettes has been a road bump when it comes to sales. The continuous price increases has been a draw back too.

Vaping is the future. Millions of Americans currently opt out of smoking cigarettes and now vape instead. There are enormous lists of FDA regulated prescription drugs that are supposed to help cigarette smokers quit. All of these other previous options didn’t actually lower the percentage of cigarette sales. Vaping has become the ally to smokers who are trying to quit. The vaping community has been aware of this for some time, but in recent years more and more people are becoming aware. Current research aligns and supports the positive benefits brought on by vaping instead of traditional smoking. This new research is great for vapers everywhere.

Happy Vaping!

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